I'm in Perú

Hello World! 

As some may know, I made it to Peru about three days ago safe and sound. It's pretty amazing here. The people. The food. The low cost of living. I definitely feel like I have been here longer than three days, and my Spanish rapidly coming back. 

I'm here working for an organization called MEDLIFE, a non-profit that aims to provide Medicine, Education and Development to low-income communities in Latin America. Today we visited a community that we work in Pamplona, a district right outside of Lima, and it's a completely different world than Surco, the district we live in. Thousands, if not millions, live in this vast amount of unplanned land that surrounds the city. It's really nothing like I've ever seen.

My experience here so far is rapidly changing my previous perceptions of the developing world. Though I've visited developing nations before, living here is just so different. I'm not sure if I can elaborate on these thoughts just yet, as I've only been here for three days. But I will elaborate on my thoughts as time goes on.