Five days to go...

Five days from now, I will living in a single dorm in Bilbao. I meant to write a similar "one week left" post, but the pain from my root canal got the best of me (I get to have another one today, yay!). I can't believe after four years of talking this up to friends, stalking travel websites, and browsing through thousands of photos of Spain, it's actually happening. I finally get the opportunity to discover the world. Life is so beautiful right now. 

My friend suggested I make a goals list of the things I want to accomplish in Spain. In order to save paper, I've decided to post it on my blog instead!

  • Create a timelapse: I've been wanting to do a timelapse for the past month or so but haven't found a place cool enough in Porterville to do it. I figure Bilbao will have plenty of cool places for one. Now when I get there, all I have to do is pick a spot. And shoot. 
  • Become fluent or close-to fluent in Spanish: One of the main reasons why I am going to Spain. I am giving up speaking English for Lent, so hopefully this will help. 
  • Eat, eat, eat: I know this is probably a silly goal to have, but I love food too much.
  • Take lots and lots of photos: Finally going to put my DSLR to great use.  
  • Learn Basque: One of the cool parts about being in Bilbao is that in addition to being immersed in Spanish culture, we are also immersed in Basque culture (as Bilbao is in Basque country). I hope to learn enough Basque to have a very basic conversation with someone. 
  • Make Bilbao a place I call home: It's not enough to just be a tourist for four months, I really want to get to know the place where I'll be staying. Porterville is my default home and Los Angeles has been the home of my heart since coming to college. It's time to expand my conceptions of "home."

This list will probably expand as I discover more of Spain. Hasta luego!