On the search for a blog

Yes, another blog. I know I've been down this road before (in fact, I
think this is my 23894th attempt at a blog), but this time may
actually be different.

I've tried to start a blog on many different sites in years past. I've
tried Blogger, LiveJournal, and even Myspace in my early teenage
years. More recently (this summer actually) I started up a Wordpress
blog in which I said that I would update once a week. That failed.

But there's something different about Posterous. The simplicity of
it...amazes me actually. It baffles my mind how I can post an endless
amount of blog entries (with media) by simply sending emails. If I
ever become a hardcore code fanatic, this is a technology I would love to explore. 

Posterous is very similar to Tumblr, which is probably why I like it so much. The difference though as that Posterous feels more like an actual blog, whereas Tumblr feels like a massive Twitter (no offense to Twitter; I love you). Hopefully with Posterous, I will find my blog-sanctuary. 

Right now it seems like the only topic I have to blog about is blogging. I promise in the future I will have more to blog about (I've already started to think of topics).