Spain FAQs

Because I have noticed some patterns in the questions my friends ask me about Spain, I thought it would be a good opportunity to write a "Spain FAQ" post to act as a "central document" to everyone's questions. This blog post will hopefully expand as more questions arise. 

How's Spain?
Spain is wonderful. Bilbao is amazing. The people here are so nice.The more I get to talk to people here and know the area, the more I can see myself living here. 

Where do you stay?
I stay in a dorm right next to the university. I have my own room, own bathroom, and a meal plan (that meal plan saves my life). I live on a floor with all Spanish girls; it's awesome. 

How's the food there?
The food here is great. Pinxtos and tortillas de patatas are a staple of life. The dorm food could be better, but I still somehow look forward to it before every meal period. The one thing I do miss is hot sauce/spicy foods. Luckily I have found good Chinese, Indian, and Mexican places to get my spicy-food fix when I need it. 

Are people surprised when they hear you speak Spanish?
Not really because everyone here speaks Spanish. Haha. So they just assume I do. Also, most people here here usually initiate conversation with me in Spanish because they don't know English. I don't think it would be like that if I were in a more touristy area like Barcelona. Plus, my Spanish is not that great...  

Have you seen anywhere else?
Thus far I my adventures have been limited to the Basque Country. I have spent many days explore different areas in Biscay (the province that Bilbao is in), and as I mentioned in my previous blog post, I spent a day in the beautiful San Sebastian. I do have other trips planned in weeks to come. Future destinations: south of France, Madrid, Segovia, Italy, and Greece! Possible (hopefull) destinations: Barcelona, Morocco, Sevilla and other parts of southern Spain. Honestly, though, I love exploring Bilbao and other parts of País Vasco. It's amazing.